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The Bespoke Collection

This collection is the corner stone of The White Elephant Trading Company.

Every piece in the collection has been hand picked by us from countryside auction houses and antique fairs in the UK before being shipped to Kenya.

And it is here that the magic begins. Disheveled pieces, often over 100 years old, are carefully restored. Re-strapped, re-sprung and re-stuffed; the old are made new again.

Once we know they’re good for another 100 years structurally, Chris rolls up his sleeves. Surrounded by the myriad fabrics that he collects on his travels, hand woven and often rare vintage pieces of cloth become part of the tapestry that makes up one of our Bespoke pieces.

These are pieces of furniture with history now with new stories to tell. A French Louis XV armchair, bought from a dealer in Somerset newly upholstered in silk from the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul with hand knotted braid made in Uzbekistan is not an unusual story here.

These are one-off, never-to-be-repeated pieces of furniture. Bespoke, in the truest sense of the word.