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Re-loving furniture

Here at White Elephant, we are passionate about furniture. 

Having worked as interior decorators in East Africa for over 15 years, we have often found ourselves frustrated by the lack of original period furniture in the market, and have spent hundreds of hours over the years making furniture locally for use in our projects. 

A few years ago, mostly for fun while in the UK, we visited some English countryside auction houses - and were blown away. Every auction house we visited was packed with beautiful pieces of furniture spanning many hundreds of years in their vintage & styles. 

Very many pieces were in a very sad and dishevelled state, often too far gone for their previous owners to know what to do with them (it being too costly in Europe to refurbish furniture) and it was to these pieces we were drawn. 

Knowing how brilliant our Kenyan craftsmen are, and having worked with so many of them over the years, we decided to buy up some of these beautiful old pieces, ship them out here and restore them to their former glory. 

Our team craftsmen painstakingly sanded, polished, re-stuffed, upholstered and painted each and every piece, making the old new again... 

...Like this very sad Victorian chaise lounge we found at an antiques fair in Sussex.....

.....completely restored and upholstered with vintage West African Kente cloth.....

We had one sale out of our living room.....then another...and another....and another. The business grew organically out of our sitting room and into the  store you find today. 

Since our launch in 2015 we've re-loved well over 1,000 pieces of furniture in a kaleidoscopic array of fabrics from all over the globe. In 2020 we launched a range of hand-crafted quality furniture made here in Kenya - The Classic Collection - which is designed to compliment our antique bespoke pieces at a competitive price. 

So welcome! We hope you enjoy browsing our collections as much as we have enjoyed creating them. 

Chris & Jacquie + The White Elephant Trading Team